Please fill out the form and we will send you an agreement, for signature, to show that you are the land owner/manager. As soon as we receive this agreement we will then send you the parking signs to install and you can start uploading photos of unauthorised vehicles on your land.

This service is only available to private individuals and businesses as long as the individual or company owns/leases the entirety of the land they will be monitoring. Agents or managers applying on behalf of the owner/leaseholder can also apply for this service.

The service is cost free but we do reserve the right to charge a ‘No Usage’ fee of £20 per sign per annum should no Parking Charge Notices be paid within a 12 month period. Don’t forget that you still get to keep the £15 cashback on every ticket paid!

By completing your details you will receive a welcome pack containing:

  • ‘No parking’ signs appropriate to number of parking spaces you need to enforce
  • A ‘How to’ guide to help you install you signs
  • Advice on how to take pictures of any unauthorised vehicle
  • Details on how you to upload pictures of unauthorised vehicles via your phone or computer.
  • Terms and conditions

Please note that needs written authorisation from the land owner to request the Vehicle Keeper details from the DVLA.