Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.

How much does this service cost?

Nothing, so long as you issue at least one parking ticket (that we receive payment for) every year. This means that the service, including the provision of the signs, is cost free but we do reserve the right to charge a ‘No Usage’ fee of £20 per sign per annum should no Parking Charge Notices be paid within a 12 month period. Don’t forget that you still get to keep the £15 cashback on every ticket paid!

What is a Parking Charge Notice?

A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is what post to the keeper of the vehicle informing them that they were unathorised to park in your space  and that they are liable to pay £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days).

What’s the catch, how does make any money out of this?

Quite simply, there is no catch. We receive £60-£100 for each PCN that is paid (less £15 for your cashback). We incur the costs of the signs, printing and posting of PCNs and reminder letters, a call centre to offer support, DVLA fees, costs of pursuing non-payment of PCNs plus the normal fixed cost of running a business.  The money we make is the difference between the revenue we receive from paid PCNs and these operational costs.

I don’t want any confrontation, does my name appear on any documents or signs?

No, we handle all communications with the unauthorised motorist from the moment the service is set up. In line with the industry regulations the only information we give the unauthorised motorist is the site address where the unauthorised parking took place.

What will my parking signs look like?

To download an example image of the sign please click here. Customised signs are available upon application.

Is the system legally enforceable?

Absolutely. Motorists can park on private land so long as they abide by the rules the landowner puts in place.  Your sign will state that “Drivers of unauthorised vehicles or vehicles that are incorrectly parked will be issued with a parking charge”. Motorists ignoring your notice will do so at their own risk in full knowledge that they could receive a parking charge notice.

What happens if an unauthorised motorist refuses to pay the PCN?

If the keeper of the vehicle fails to pay the PCN then we will pursue any unpaid parking charges via the courts.  The photographic evidence that you have provided will show that their vehicle was parked in one of your spaces where the car park terms and conditions were clearly visible.

It is in our interests to pursue any unpaid tickets to cover our costs.

Can the service be used by private individuals as well as businesses?

Yes. Our service is available to both private individuals and businesses so long as they own/lease the entirety of the parking spaces that they will be monitoring.

Is there a minimum of maximum number of car parking spaces that this service can be used for?

Whether you have just one parking space or thousands any parking area is suitable as long as you own or lease the property.

Is this service available to all parts of the UK?

Yes, the service from is available in all areas of the UK and Northern Ireland. We can also print our signs in Welsh if required.

How often do I get my cashback?

You will get a cheque in the post every 3 months amounting to £15 for every ticket that has been paid in relation to unauthorised parking on your land.

How do I cancel a parking charge notice issued in error?

If there is a genuine reason to cancel a ticket then notify us within 28 days and the cancellation is free of charge. After this period a fee of £15 will apply.

Does your service reduce nuisance parking?

Significantly. Our system has proven to be highly effective at significantly reducing or eradicating nuisance parking.

Is your system more effective than wheel clamping?

Wheel clamping has been illegal since 2012.  The signs themselves act as a deterrent but if they don’t then  parking tickets are issued which is just as effective and a far less confrontation way of reducing unauthorised parking.

How do you find out details of the vehicle owner?

We request the address details of the vehicle owner electronically from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). This means we can usually send a ticket to the owner in the post within 48 hours of receipt of your photographic evidence.

How long does it take to receive the car park signs?

Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

What are the car park signs made of and what size are they?

The signs are made of a rigid Plastic Correx are 600mm x 450mm.

How do I put up the DIY car park signs?

You can easily fit the signs using to most surfaces, posts or poles using nails, screws and washers, cable ties or standard adhesive. Full instructions on how to fit the signs will be sent with them.

What photographs do I need to take as evidence of unauthorised parking?

The first picture should be of the number plate (we need the registration number to look up the address of the vehicle owner with the DVLA).  The second picture we require is of the vehicle and car park sign in one photograph, this usually proves that the vehicle was close to a sign. Your welcome pack will contain examples of suitable images.

Who deals with disputes and appeals from unauthorised motorists?

We do.  Our contact details are on the parking charge notice that we send to the owner of the unauthorised vehicle. The unauthorised motorist has the right to appeal the parking charge notice with our appeals department.  Occasionally we may need to contact you regarding a specific dispute relating to the unauthorised motorist’s appeal.

If the unauthorised motorist is unhappy with our internal appeals process then they have the right to contact POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) which is an independent appeals service set up by the BPA to handle appeals by drivers and others wanting to challenge the issue of a parking charge notice. POPLA handles appeals after the recipient of the parking charge notice has been through the internal complaints procedures of the operator who issued the notice.